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  1. The cost of health care has risen over 131% in the last 10 years with no indication this trend will slow down much less reverse course.
  2. The American workforce is not healthy – over 33% of the U.S. population have reached obesity levels and over 67% are overweight, which in turn has resulted in an alarming increase in the incidence of chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer. All of these diseases, in part, are caused by poor lifestyle.
  3. The drop in productivity due to an unhealthy workforce equates to a loss of over $73 Billion annually. If you add time lost due to hypertension and stress, that figure is closer to $300 Billion.

Businesses want a better benefits cost-containment model. They need a proven strategy that will:

That’s where Wellness comes in…

Studies have shown that implementation of comprehensive Wellness plans are effective in reducing overall benefit costs and increasing workplace productivity. Today, through advancements in technology and the evolution of modern wellness practices, Wellness Programs can provide solid returns on company investment.

Wellness Program Benefits:

Tevis Insurance Solutions can help you create a program that will give you the tools you need to get your program off the ground, along with low-cost Wellness resources and activities, leveraging our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dennis Ostrem, a pioneer in Wellness assessment, development and implementation. We can also offer ideas on how you can improve your company incentives and communication to increase participation among your employees.

And more importantly, we’ll help you evaluate your company’s health risk with a Risk Assessment Questionnaire, which will determine the relative health of your workforce and allow you to establish the level of investment you should make when designing a tailored wellness program.

Besides the established benefits it provides for your business and employees, Wellness Programs will also enable you to compile a Health Plan Report that will indicate the Risk-Tolerance Level your company will factor-in as you consider the very attractive financial alternative to Fully-Insured medical plans – Self Funding. 

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