Find a health care Professional

Other than having a health insurance plan that will provide you with at least the essential medical procedures such as medical consultations, and in-patient and out-patient services, you must also keep in mind that you should also be managed by a competent health care provider. In order for you to check on the background of a doctor that you might want to visit, it is best to consult a roster of doctors specializing in your medical concern. It is best to research a bit for the doctor you are planning to have a consultation with or a procedure with such that your safety and well-being will be safeguarded to the highest degree.

Directories of Health Care Professionals

Looking for a competent healthcare provider? Tevis Insurance Solutions has compiled some search sites and directories that would help you out in looking for a credible medical practitioner. Make sure to research a bit on the doctor you are planning to see in order to ensure that he or she has the specialized skills for your particular need. Here are some links to sites that would allow you to look for a doctor near you:




Anthem (non CA residents)


Blue Shield 


BRMS (non CA residents)


Delta Dental

Great West


Health Net


Kaiser Permanente



Mutual of Omaha


Premier Access



United Healthcare


Western Health Advantage

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