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Our new alternative healthcare funding program is a type of self-funding specialized to the current market allowing you to take control of your benefit expenditures. It makes it possible for you to pay premiums like a fully insured program, but experience the advantages of self funding by means of a dividend at the end of the coverage year.  It is able to combine budgetary predictability with the information your company wants, plus an opportunity to take advantage of a positive claims year.  Let’s take a closer look at the underlying reasons our program is so effective...


One of several reasons why employers select our alternative medical funding program is because of the predictability it offers through:

Preset monthly payments – based on the number of covered employees, the total cost represents the maximum you will pay:

Prefunded terminals – paid in the first year, these terminal funds will cover the claims incurred in advance of termination and submitted afterward, so up-front costs are known with no surprises.

Detailed Reporting

Client-specific claims reports – a standard feature for every client is online access to client specific monthly health plan performance reports that track exactly how claims dollars are being spent. You can use these reports to determine if and where to make plan design changes that control costs now and in the future.

Savings Potential

An annual claims amount is based on your plan design and number of employees. When your employees’ claims are less than the annual claims funding, your company benefits by receiving year-end administrative fee credits (minus any necessary terminal fund adjustment) – putting a portion2 of that money back into your pocket.

Flexibility in Plan Design

Our program allows you to custom-tailor your plan to fit and grow with your workforce.

Self-Funding Benefits that Are Already Included 

Consider the additional benefits you receive with all self-funded plans including our alternative medical funding program. The ability to:

The Advantage

All of the extras you’ve come to expect and count on are also available with our program:

Expanding Your Ability to Provide for Your Employees 

The choice extends beyond funding options to the health care plan that’s the best fit for you. We also provide you with the tools to empower you to make your plan work for your company and your employees. For more information about our program and its many benefits, contact us at Tevis Insurance Solutions.